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The Art

“Postures” by Carl Kleiner

Carl Kleiner "Postures" Flower one - Panamy Flower Delivery

The creative artist Carl Kleiner, with his camera as his apparatus, has released a new series of captivating still life images.

The visionary photographer of still life imagery Carl Kleiner’s new release “Postures” is beautifully insightful. The highly distinguished Swedish photographer Carl Kleiner is making waves with his interesting and humorous still life photographs. In his latest work “Postures” he delivers a combination of visual beauty and a delightfully clever concept.

Carl Kleiner "Postures" Flower six - Panamy Flower Delivery
Carl Kleiner "Postures" Flower Two - Panamy Flower Delivery

“A Master of Color and Composition.”

Carl Kleiner "Postures" Flower three - Panamy Flower Delivery

From previous work we know he enjoys challenging our predefined concepts with playful composition and contrasting color palettes. His portfolio covers many interesting inanimate objects given personality through the use of creative positioning highlighted in various ways through Carl’s specific use of lightning and contrasting tones. His most renowned work thus far comes in the form of a cookbook for the megastore IKEA where he presents each recipe in simple minimalistic form by already measured ingredients displayed on soft toned backgrounds. His profound ability to invent images with geometrical shapes and irregularity illustrates his innate sense of imagination shared only by a handful.

Carl Kleiner "Postures" Flower five - Panamy Flower Delivery
Carl Kleiner "Postures" Flower four - Panamy Flower Delivery

In his latest piece of work the creative image-maker presents photographs of tulips that are lifted into position by a wire construction whilst being accentuated on white to black backgrounds.  By emphasizing the delicate curve and lines of the flowers Kleiner manages to display an emotional sentiment, almost as if these lovely tulips were somber characters. With distinct elegance these still images portray a feeling of movement, as if we are part of story unveiled with the dance of flowers. Each image is beautifully thoughtful and profound confirming that “Postures” is yet another testament to Kleiner’s masterful art.  It is an aesthetic pleasure to watch his illustrations and we are delighted to see what he comes up with next.

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