The Caligo

CHF 250,-



Misty rain is that magical phenomenon where millions of small water droplets simply linger in the air. This alluring mist creates a feeling of being encircled in a white and black photograph, a feeling you will share when wearing the Caligo umbrella. On a misty day take notice of how the textures around you have been dissolved leaving a highlighted impression of the essential. The PANAMY umbrellas are handmade in Italy by one of the last three factories that have specialized in the unique craft of umbrella making. We have used a double-layered luxury poly fabric that is designed to perfectly repel water and to sustain extensive wear. The elegant handle and shaft is handcrafted from two pieces of polished maple.


All of our bouquets are hand-tied with care and are available for nationwide delivery in Switzerland. They are luxuriously wrapped and come in our beautiful signature hatbox, with a personalised message written on our greeting cards made of 400-gram Munken fine paper. Please remember: due to seasonal supply, we will sometimes need to substitute one or more blooms of equal quality, cost and aesthetic value to retain the fabulousness of our bouquet.

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  • The Petrichor - PANAMY Umbrellas - Flower Bouquets delivered in Switzerland, Zürich, Basel, St.Gallen, Luzern, Geneva

    The Petrichor

    CHF 250,-
  • The Deluge - PANAMY Umbrellas - Flower delivery in Zürich, Basel, St.Gallen, Luzern, Geneva and the rest of Switzerland

    The Deluge

    CHF 250,-
  • Peace - Artist Print - PANAMY sending flowers in Switzerland Zürich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern, St. Gallen


    CHF 200,-
  • L' Abbraccio - Artist Print - PANAMY Florist Switzerland Geneva, Zürich, Basel, Bern, Luzern, Lausanne

    L’ Abbraccio

    CHF 200,-
  • Il Bacio - Artist Print - PANAMY Florist Switzerland Geneva, Zürich, Basel, Bern, Luzern, Lausanne

    Il Bacio

    CHF 200,-